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:: 2012 - 2016 ::

CastleDolls Noah

CastleDolls Noah

Seal Point Male

'I brag about Noah all the time ... Noah is doing very well and the sweetest kitten ever! Only complaint is that he loves walking across my keyboard....while I am working.'

Michelle P.
Jacksonville, FL

Seal Point Male & Blue Tortie Point Male

'Good morning ... I enjoyed meeting you yesterday..what a treat you brought to us!

The boys did great last night...never heard a peep from them all night! I think they were exhausted from the days events. The little tortie ate a HUGE dinner last night but our little guy wouldn't eat but he certainly made up for it this morning. They are adjusting very well. Very, very active this morning. They were running around and playing, basically getting into everything like two little toddlers.

They are napping now. We have sent lots of pictures and videos to LaVonna. Needless to say, she is anxious for us to get to NC.

Thanks again for putting in the extra effort to make them so well adjusted. We love them dearly.

Have a great day, Brenda'

Brenda P.

Jacksonville, FL


CastleDolls Norma Jean 2012

CastleDolls Norma Jean

Blue Tortie Point Female

'Just want to thank you for the best edition to our family. Words can't even
begin to describe how much we love her. She is the most loving and sweetest
thing ever. We are very blessed!

Michelle H.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Seal Point Mitted Male

' Hi, ... ! Just wanted to get a quick thanks out to you. Oh believe me, i am prepared to GUSH about ... the Castledolls, as soon as i have more time. For now, i will tell you how nicely he has adjusted. What a good tempered, very sweet, very handsome and charming little doll he is! And i am soooo ticked! Actually, WE, Travis is smitten, too.Thank you so much! :D '

Tamara J.

Port Charlotte, FL


Seal Mitted Male

' Hi ... Just to let you know Blue is doing great! He ... is very loving with me. Very playful and is getting used to his new surroundings.

Thanks again, you did a great job with him. Luz'

Luz A.

Pembroke Pines, FL


Blue BiColor Male

' Hi, I purchased a kitten from you a few months ago, and he is doing great. We are thinking of getting a companion for him. Do you have any kittens available? Thanks, Linda '

Linda G.

Fort White, FL


CastleDolls Mr Fluffy

Seal BiColor Male

CastleDolls Mr Fluffy 2012

'Hi, I have been meaning to send you an update on the kitten for the past month or so.

The kitten is doing very well. The kids named him ‘Mr. Fluffy’. He has become a central member of our family. He is adored by all friends’ and neighbors’ kids. He is very calm and friendly. I just wanted to thank you for letting us have this kitten. We couldn’t be happier.


Sheeba H.

Saint Johns, FL


CastleDolls Jesse

Seal Mitted Male

:: 9.29.12 Update ::

'..."Jesse" is growing every day - what a blessing he is!'

:: 1.16.13 Update Jesse w/2 new kittens ::

CastleDolls Jesse, Abbie & Sparkle

Louise.K 3 Kittens 1.16.13 Update

Greetings! ...The kittens are all doing great. Jessie (male) is over 10# now, at 6 months! Abbie (1st female) is as sweet as Jessie is sassy. Sparkle (Sparky for short), the newest baby, is fitting in just fine. They're all wonderful fur babies! Hope all is well with you, Louise


Louise K.

Fort McCoy, FL


CastleDolls Lady Sunbeam

Seal Tortie Female

:: 11.10.12 Update ::

CastleDolls Lady Sunbeam 1stPicUpdate

'She's beautiful energetic. Playful. Cuddling. And adjusted. Thanks for your nurture of my Lady Sunbeam ... Martha,'

:: 12.26.12 Update ::

'Her feet, tail and ears are like warm brown velvet! Very beautiful and loving. She loves her new life and is very adventurous and curious.'

CastleDolls Lady Sunbeam 2ndUpdatePic

:: 2.21.13 Update ::

CastleDolls Lady Sunbeam 3rdUpdatePic

'Lady Sunbeam is beautiful, smart and loving!'

:: 3.31.14 Update ::

CastleDolls Lady Sunbeam 3.31.14 update1

"Lady Sunbeam is now a year and half! She is beautiful, sweet, curious, and my constant companion! Thank you so much for your fine breeding and care." Martha

Martha S.

Saint Augustine, FL


CastleDolls Aphroditee

Seal Mitted Female

:: 4.6.13 Update ::

'She settled right in and is super busy exploring and playing!'

:: 4.7.13 Update ::

'Thanks. She is a happy, lively, silly girl! Will up date you in a few...!'

:: 4.9.13 Update ::

CastleDolls Aphroditee 1stPicUpdate

'Just wanted to let you see how amazing this kitten is doing. I put her in a corral so she could be with the other three cats without being threatening to their space and she figured out how to climb out in about 10 seconds. More amazing is the fact that since she has no fear of them they don't know how to react to her so they have already stopped the territorial behavior. The pic attached is her eating out of the other cats' bowl while the most territorial of the cats just ignores her. She is a true doll and has so much spunk. Thanks again. '

Lisa & kids

'PS....kids named her Aphroditee, 2 ee's to be unique...and she loves her fishy water'

:: 4.27.13 Update ::

CastleDolls Aphroditee 4.27PicUpdate

'Such a super sweet and funny girl! Love her so much.'

:: 8.20.13 Update ::

CastleDolls Aphroditee 8.20PicUpdate

'Shasta's single kitten is almost 7 months and had her spay surgery today. She is such a lovey. She sleeps with her head tucked under my chin at night....such a snuggler. Her 3 cat friends all love her too. '

Lisa and kids

Lisa E.

Rockledge, FL


CastleDolls Percy and Coco

Blue Mitted Male & Seal Mitted Female

CastleDolls Percy and Coco PicUpdate1

CastleDolls Percy and Coco PicUpdate2

'I just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy we are with our kittens. We have named them Percy and Coco and they are amazing! They are sweet and playful and have fit in perfectly to our family!!! Thanks again!!! Stephanie'

Stephanie O.

Cape Coral, FL


CastleDolls Oliver

Seal Point Male

CastleDolls Oliver 3.22.14 update1

"...I thought I'd give a little update. He is already 7 lbs. he he gets along great with all members of the family as you can see from the pic." Best, Michaela

Michaela B.

St. Mary's, GA


CastleDolls Katie's

Blue Mitted Female


"My kitty is the sweetest most amazing ever! It's like another kid! We all adore her and she is just perfection;) my son just did a report on her!"




"What kind are you anticipating that the new litter is? Could you send a pic of the 4+ old female...What's her temperament? Mine doesn't hiss or growl and is so sociable! I just think you breed magical kitties;) My kitty again is perfection! Gorgeous and still purring! Isn't she beautiful! She is purring while I'm taking these!! "

Katie B.

Ponte Vedra beach, FL


CastleDolls Willoughby

Seal Point Male

"Hi, everything is purrfect now! Vet said he is a very healthy strong boy...he is cuddly now and loves us all.  I am so happy. my dream has come true thanks to you.

Thanks Again! Tina"

Tina S.

Riverview, FL


CastleDolls Lily

Seal BiColor Female

June 3rd, 2015 Update

"Hi, I hope you are doing well. We got our sweet kitty Lily from you last year and she is the best cat ever! We have been thinking about possibly getting another kitten and I noticed you have some new babies. Just out of curiosity, what genders are they and what colors do you think they will be? Thanks so much, Nichole"

Nichole D.

Nov. 4th, 2013

Windermere, FL

Seal BiColor Mitted Female

"We love her so much and she rules the house and goes to work with me everyday. I have enclosed a recent picture. Thanks, Sandi"

Sandi F.

3/7/2016 Update

Jax FL

CastleDolls Sissy

Seal Tortie Female

"She is doing super!! We just love her and she is so entertaining!! I'll try to get a better picture in the future!! She doesn't sit still too long!! This is her in mid air playing!! She found she loves to hang out in one of my nieces doll houses!!! So much fun!!!

Boy she has been active today!! Loves jumping out at me and following me around!! So cute! Sherry"

Sherry P.

3.9.2016 Update

"My seal point has adjusted well to his new life, thanks again!"

Heather M.

Silver Springs, FL

8.14.2016 Update

CastleDolls Fiona

Seal Mitted Female

"Hi! Just thought I would send you some current pictures of Fiona or FiFi as I call her! She's gorgeous :)"

CastleDolls Fiona Jan 2016

CastleDolls Fiona Jan 2016_1

CastleDolls Fiona Jan 2016_2

CastleDolls Fiona Jan 2016_3

Tiffany P.

Newberry, FL

1.26.2016 Update

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Vinny did wonderfully his first night. He played, ate and slept. He is the most precious addition to our family..thank you so much!"

Alyson C.

Tampa, FL

7.7.2016 Update

CastleDolls Berkley

Blue Point Male

"Hi, I just wanted to send you some recent pics of Berkley!

He is a fluff ball of love...Regards, Kristina"

Kristina S.

8.10.2016 Update

CastleDolls Baby Doll

Seal BiColor Mitted Female

CastleDolls Baby Doll.dg

"Hi! I would like to thank you for all of the baby care you gave me. Thanks to you and my mommy, I had a very good start on life! I will be 5 months old on May 30th and I have an owner who loves me and a very nice lady doctor who has given me all of my shots. You haven't seen me for a while so I'm sending you a picture of me taken today.


Castledolls' Baby Doll"

Daphne G.

Tampa, FL


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